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Thread: Teeth, but not biting exactly

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    Default Teeth, but not biting exactly

    Hi! I haven't posted much in a while but wanted to give myself a bit of a shout out b/c Simon is 13 months next week, and we are still at it!! I am very happy about that.

    But we have one tiny painful thing that his latch seems to slide out a bit and his teeth rest painfully right next to my nipple. He isn't biting per se but ouch! it hurts. What are we doing wrong? When I take him off and put him back on, it goes right back into the teeth marks. It's not every single time, but when it does happen I just stop nursing for a while.
    Any thoughts? Thanks!!
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    Default Re: Teeth, but not biting exactly

    Yay for making it to 13 months.

    My youngest does that - but it is usually when he is falling asleep (which, now is all the time we nurse!) Usually if I say "ouch" he'll say "my sorry" and re-latch. I know your LO isn't doing it on purpose so understand why you don't want to treat it like a bite -- but if it is hurting you - there's nothing wrong with taking a little break and giving him a chance to re-latch so it won't hurt.
    I would think that would be the only way he'll understand that it is not okay.
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    Default Re: Teeth, but not biting exactly

    DD did that and I found that I just got used to it and it dosent hurt anymore. it did when her top teeth were first coming in. She still leaves teeth marks when she is done nursing, but there is no more pain. Maybe it wil just take some time to have the pain go away?
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    Default Re: Teeth, but not biting exactly

    could you be getting your period?

    OR be pg? I found I got bad nipple pain when I got pg with little sis...

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    Default Re: Teeth, but not biting exactly

    Usually when this happens it's about new teeth being in the landscape that they child isn't sure how to navigate around. When it doubt go back to the way your were first taught to get the baby to latch. Shove as much of your breast in the mouth as possible so teeth are hitting breast tissue not nipple and as soon as it gets painful for you, pop off and get baby to open wide and begin again. Most dyads get comfortable after a while. But teeth change things. All the rules of getting baby to practice a good latch still apply at 13 months. If popped off a child will usually open wide and try again.

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