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Thread: Best bottle for switching between breast and bottle

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    Default Best bottle for switching between breast and bottle

    What is the best bottle to use while also breast feeding? I want something with a nipple that wont make her perfer the bottle and I want one that doesnt cause gas.
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    Default Re: Best bottle for switching between breast and bottle

    Each baby is different and will or will not take certain bottles. I used Playtex VentAir wide and Breastflow bottles and had no problems. Also read up on how to bottle feed a breastfed baby. Some babies will develop flow preference with bottles but if you give the bottle in a way that the baby has to work for the milk and the feeding takes longer you can minimize the preference.

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    Default Re: Best bottle for switching between breast and bottle

    Hello. I am currently using Tommee Tippee (a brand only sold in Babies R Us, at least here) and its great! Its supposed to be the bottle most similar to the breast. Go to www.babiesrus.com and check them out. They work really well and my LO doesnt have a problem switching from breast to bottle at all. And he isnt gassy either. Hope this helps!
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    I love Innobaby's Nursin' Smart bottles http://www.innobaby.com/Nursin-SMART...ple_p_106.html

    You can find them online only at Babies R Us or Amazon. They are kind of pricey, but in my opinion, worth it. They are designed for breastfeeing, and the holes are angled out the sides like on a real breast nipple, rather than having one hole in the center. They also have to be sucked on to start the milk flow.

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