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Thread: ready to stop!

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    My daughter is two years old, and I feel that it is the right time for her to stop breastfeeding. She doesn't agree!
    Does anyone have any advice?
    Thanks in advance

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    have you read How Weaning Happens?

    this link

    is also great it has a whole bunch of links for weaning w/in the page.

    congrats on nursing for 2 years mama!
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    I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is that you may be able to find a middle ground where you are both happy for a while. You can start with eliminating the sessions you like the least or she already sometimes skips. Distractions, outings, food, drink can all help. Limiting length of sessions can also help some moms. It is a dance to find a balance between her needs and your needs, but you've been doing that to some extent since she was born and can continue to do so.
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    Welcome momma!

    I can connnect with your readiness to be done. Just after DS2 was 2 I was feeling really really touched out and exhausted and was wanting to wean but nursing was really still important to him. Nursing is a relationship between two so both of your opinions matter.

    I struck a compromise. I day weaned him which meant I limited when he nursed during the day to what made me comfortable and then kept the night nursings that he really loved. It's what has allowed us to keep nursing for a year longer. I feel comfortable with how it's been and he's been happy too. Now that he'll be 3 on Tuesday I night weaned him and so we're down to only morning, nap and bedtime sessions. The night weaning was effortless really. I know this is because he was ready to give them up and that makes me really happy that both of our needs can be met.
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