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Thread: Pain while nursing

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    My son just turned a year and is still a pretty frequent nurser; he is slow on solids.

    The past couple of weeks have been extremely painful on the right side. I did some research on Kelly Mom and think our issue is nipple blanching due to teeth and latch. I have worked on getting a better latch but the blanching and pain continue. It is painful while nursing but worse after he is done. The left side is fine; no pain at all.

    Would it be crazy to stop nursing on the right side? Any tips on helping with the right side?

    I'd love to let him self wean but the pain is overwhelming.

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    Have you tried different positions? One year olds can nurse in all sorts of positions. Maybe there's one that would work better for you.

    Are there are any cracks or trauma to the nipple?

    There's no reason why you have to nurse on that side if you'd rather not. Or you could stop temporarily and try it again when it feels like it's healed.

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    Hi Sweetie!
    I'm completely with you there. I will only try to help you with a piece of advice from my own recent experience.
    My now 22 m/o dd was about the same as your ds, frequent nurser and could not care less about solids. Had problems with nipples (and engorgements too following the growth spurts) on several occasions. The problem can be outside - visible cracks etc, and inside - injured nerves due to biting etc. You should definitely give that breast a rest, and for me decreasing the number of nursings on that side would work, maybe 3 nursings on the good breast and one on the painful, just to pull some milk out, to avoid engorgement (another terrible annoyance) or mastitis. Definitely try new positions, it will help in the long run. The main culprit for this in our case was teething pain (which is not the same for all babies) and it is also the main culprit for the late aceptance of solids and food boycotting (I have done an experiment that proved that - at least for my dd). I noticed that now that my hormons are more in balance, all the breast and nursing pains are less intense, less frequent and much more bearable. And do your best to get a propper latch on all nursings. I don't know if a breast shell would help on that side - to put it on your brest under the bra for about 15-20 min before nursings, or whenever needed - I used it (the Avent ones) and it helped me a lot - gives a break to the nipple from everyting including the bra and keeps your nipple completely out significanty decreasing a chance for a bad latch and unnecessary pulling and cracking of a nipple.
    I repeat again this is only my experience I am not a doctor. I hope you continue nursing because it can really be helpful on so many occasions. It's like learning to skate, at first you fall so many times, get bruised etc, but before you know it there you are spinning, doing the tricks, teaching other how to do it... But don't kill yourself if it doesn't work, just as not all the babies are the same, not all moms are the same either. Happy mother - happy baby! Good luck!

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    One more thing!
    You may consider taking ibuprofen, for a day or too, it may also considerably reduce the pain! It will not harm your baby. I did on a few occasions, when the pain was really bad and it definitely helped.

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