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Thread: So Confused - Can You Help?

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    My 5mo DS, who was exclusively BF till 2 weeks ago when he started on solids (advised by health professionals x 2), has had increased night wakings for the last month or so, and we have alot of trouble getting him to sleep for both naps and at bedtime.

    Anyway, we went to Australia for a month (from the UK) when he was 13 weeks old, and over a 6 week period he only put on 500gms! Since then his weight gain seems to be better (he was 16lbs 6.5oz a week ago) and he has plenty of wet nappies.

    It has been suggested I have a low supply by a few people and I wanted to see what you all thought. I gave him a bottle of formula the other night for the first time to see how much he would take given an unlimited supply - he took 9oz. I pumped at the same time and got 4.5oz. Whilst I realise pumping doesn't elicit milk as efficiently as a baby, I still thought it wasn't alot (it was about 10pm). I also decided to take a yield at 11am today and only got 3.5oz after my breast not having been fed on since 5am.

    Do you think there are problems here? If so, any suggestions on what I can do to get it back on track?

    I am struggling really badly with lack of sleep and as I am still nursing him I am the one getting up 1/2/3 times a night.

    Thanks in advance


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    Your supply seems fine. I know moms who can't pump more that an ounce and who don't have supply issues. I think as far as sleep goes, they're always changing the rules. I know my 5 1/2 month old is. Good luck! I'm sleepy too! Try to get in some extra naps on the weekends.

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