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Thread: 14 week old cries when put to nurse

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    Default 14 week old cries when put to nurse

    I have a 14 week old dd who cries when ever I offer a breast to her. She is my second ds my first nursed until almost 2 yr. She is exclusive and has never had a bottle. I have oversupply issues, and over active letdown which i also had with ds. She just started this a few days ago. She will cry and scream for several minutes before giving in and nursing. Once lached on she nurses just fine. So far today she has had 4 wet diapers and 2 dirty ones (noonish) which makes me think she is getting enough to eat, but why does she make such a scene when she needs to nurse. Is there something Ican do to 'fix' it for her to enjoy it. She has never nursed for comfort, but who can blame her. It must be like trying to find comfort in a fire hose turned on full blast.


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    I also have a baby of the same age and was going through this a couple of weeks ago. I took him to the doctor and thought it was an ear infection but it turned out to be a growth spurt..they just feel yucky at that time and we don't know what's wrong with them! I would rule out an ear infection first, take her to the doc to make sure, if she's fine then it's probably a growth spurt. Since you have an overactive letdown, can you nurse while you lay back so the flow isn't so fast?

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