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Thread: Nursling won't unlatch!

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    So my daughter is 1 and I thought this would have worked itself out by now. I feel like I fight her every nap and at night to unlatch. She can keep me there for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour after she's done actively feeding. I guess this is comfort nursing, using me to pacify? And while I'm happy to snuggle, I can't sleep while she's latched or get anything else done. She's also started rubbing her teeth on me when she's asleep so I have to be vigilant. We do cosleep at night. So I carefully try to unlatch her and sometimes she wakes back up completely and sometimes she fights to relatch. I've actually started slowly pulling my nipple out which hurts but does sometimes allow me to sneak away. Any tricks of the trade here? Should I just be grateful that even if it takes me an hour, I've actually got her napping in the bed instead of on me! I just find it very frustrating.

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    That's tough. I was doing that pulling away thing - and it hurts and is annoying when a toddler just climbs on top of you to keep nursing.

    Do you think you could try taking it out of her mouth before she falls all the way asleep and work on getting her to go to sleep that way?

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    You could try introducing a lovey. Is there anything your LO is particularly attached to and/or sleeps with? I found DD really needed an object to "switch" to, when I unlatched her and put her down in her crib. For her, it was a little wash cloth, and she would instantly pop it and her thumb into her mouth and sort of suckle herself to sleep.

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