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Thread: 10.5 month dd

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    Default 10.5 month dd

    I have a wonderful, beautiful 10.5 month, 21lb dd. I am a stay at home mom, which is wonderful. I have come to the conclusion that she will BF until she is 21 if I let her. She loves it- and I do to. But, my question is that she STILL nurses A LOT. She is on table food, and eats breakfast lunch and dinner, and 2 snacks (loves those cheerios!!) and I nurse her to take naps, and before bed. But she will be playing along just fine, and then all of a sudden she need to nurse for 2 minutes, and then goes back to what she was doing. She does this almost every hour. Is it alright? Should I be distracting her or maybe giving her food instead?
    I have also figured out that they day your baby is born, you develop the 'what if's'. what if this...what if that. My mind is full of what if's!!

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    sounds just fine and normal to me.
    Do you have a local lll group that you could go to?
    they are so good about giving moms the support they need to keep on nursing at each stage. You might even meet a mom with a baby that is close in age to yours.
    I didn't start limiting my kids nursing untill they were older then one.
    Then it realy wasn't limits at home just when we were out and about they knew that they had to wait untill we got home.

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    I think this is really normal for a baby as they start to gain a little independance. My 10 month old is the same way ... she'll be playing, as happy as can be, and then all of a sudden walk over to me and want to have a little snack ... then go right back to happily playing. They are just checking in with mom ... making sure we are still there for them as they become more mobile and indepedent. My little girl really picked up this behavior more when she started walking last month. I love being able to provide that comfort to her ... "Yes, mama is right here and always will be ... you are safe to explore your world." And also, I think that they DO sometimes need just a little snack ... just like we need a snack sometimes throughout the day.

    Don't distract her or try to get her to forget about wanting to nurse ... that is actually one method of weaning. And it definitely sounds like you aren't wanting to do that any time soon.

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    Smile Re: 10.5 month dd

    Yes, my DD does that too. Not as much but sometimes it felt like all I did was nurse her which was fine. It was just different from my DS when he was a baby and I wasn't used to it. He wasn't a big eater and at 5 still isn't. But all kids are different.

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    Default Re: 10.5 month dd

    My ds has been doing the same between nursing...but he is also nursing less when we have a full nursing session. His diapers are still wet, but not as wet as they used to be. Is this normal?

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