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Thread: Pushy hospital staff...formula feeding

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    My baby had a prob w/ low blood sugar, too. They kept making me give her formula and it broke my heart. And then she had jaundice and they said she had to have formula to help make that better too! I was trying to give her as little as possible because I was scared to death of nipple confusion (and I couldn't get the hang of the SNS) and I remember one night the nurse brought her back from her tests and said proudly "we got her to drink a whole bottle in the nursery!"... I was SO mad! I broke down in tears.

    Anyway... Just make a sign for your bassinet, that will really help. Then no one can say they didn't know.
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    Interesting about the jaundice & formula .... I wonder if that depends on the hospital? Our DS had jaundice so we spent the 2nd night in the hospital with him under the bili lights and I was instructed to nurse every 60 - 90 minutes to help flush out his system. Talk about stimulation! At the beginning of this intensive all night suckling I had only colostrum and my milk came in about half way through. At the next jaundice check his levels were ok and he got to come home with us.


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    We made sure that baby was never without one of us with him. While I was being closed and baby was in the nursery being weighed and what not hubby was with him. We never let the baby go to the nursery. When they had to take him for a weight or blood test hubby always went with him. That way there was always someone ready to "pounce" in case they tried to give him a paci or whatnot.

    I would also have a nice sit down with your pedi an explain that prior to any formula you want to speak to him directly. Have him notify the nursery staff when he rounds on the baby after birth of this. Also have someone with you, hubby is who I used, that will remember to do all of this as you may be too tired.

    Also, keep track of all the diapers and nursing times religously while in the hospital, how long, what side, even if it isn't a quater size poop write down 1/2. I think if the nursery staff sees how hard you are trying and that baby is pooping and peeing they are less likely to push formula.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusaalka View Post
    "since I was overdue and the baby was so big, we needed to supplement formula until my milk came in."
    wow - I'd go out on a limb here and say this was a crock...
    Just to share:
    I was overdue as well (with all my kiddos) and all of them were over 9 lbs... the last one was 10.2 and there was no way they were coming near my DS with formula. THe more they nurse earlier on the better for the supply.. I just never let him out of my site (save for the circ..which I regret now... but that's a different story...)

    Back to the OT
    - all the suggestions given are great ones!!! A sign on the bassinette - don't let the baby leave your side... if you are going to have someone with you at the birth and they have to take the baby from you make sure the partner is with the baby at all times...etc...

    Heres another clever option - get a smal onsie to put on the baby after s/hes born and write on it - Breastmilk Only!!!!!!!!

    good luck... (now I am off to read your 16 days thread )
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    I struggled some with this with my DD1. I didn't want a pacifier or bottle given to her at all and yet my baby kept being brought to me with a pacifier! I had a c-section after 25 hours of labor and so was exhausted and having trouble with making sure I stood my ground. To make it worse I have flat nipples and so was struggling a huge amount with latching her on. Even with working with a lactation nurse at the hospital we both struggled the whole time.

    I am due with my 2nd very very soon and in preparation for this same concern of the baby being given pacifiers or nipples I have bought these onesies from ebay. I can't find them on there now but they are white newborn size onesies that say "I'm learning to breastfeed, please don't give me any pacifiers or artificial nipples" on them. I have three of them and plan to dress the baby in them at nights while she's in the nursery. I also plan to put a sign on the bassinet she is in so that it's doubly sure to alert anyone who even goes near her that they are not to give her anything.

    As I said I can't find the onesies anymore on there but I think it would be fairly easy to make something like that yourself. It looked like it was an iron on transfer of some sort.

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    Love the onesies!! I will have to find some for my pregnant buddies!
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