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Thread: breastflow bottles?????

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    Default breastflow bottles?????

    can some one please help i am in scotland i have been reading some posts on here about the breastflow feeding bottles i have tried lots and lots of bottles and my baby boy will not take to any of them i just wondered if anyone could help me to get hold of one of the breastflow ones as i cant seem to find any where here that sells them i am pretty desperate as my baby ( tyler-jay ) has 2 teeth now hope some one can help

    carmel x

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    Default Re: breastflow bottles?????

    Can you order for Babies R us from there? They sell 2nd Nature online and those are perfect IMO. They have an all stage nipple so you don't have to move up. Your baby get's more as ready by sucking harder and just like your nipple when they stop sucking the flow stops. So they can rest. They don't have milk dripping into thier mouths non-stop.

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