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Thread: Unweaning oneself

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    Default Unweaning oneself

    DS was weaned at 27 months when I went on bedrest. The twins should be here in a month or so and i'm wondering what the odds are that DS will want to try nursing again. He almost never asks
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    I'm Beth-
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    Anybody experienced this?

    I think the moms I know whose babies weaned entirely during pregnancy stayed weaned, but the ones who had cut back but were still nursing went crazy for the new abundance of milk and nursed a LOT.

    Let us know how it goes for you!

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    DD1 was 27 mths when she stopped and DD2 was born 3 mths later, she never started again and she did ask but did not remember how to latch on. She has asked many times over the last year and its like a game, she never even puts her mouth on it. I was kind of hoping for it and maybe if I had pushed her to try and bit more but I am glad that she stopped.
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