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Thread: Weight Gain Slowing?

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    Exclamation Weight Gain Slowing?

    Hi all I have a 10 month old little guy who has ALWAYS been in the 90% percentile both weight and height aka... he's long & full-bodied, a bruiser really.

    Well, today he went in for a check up and he LOST 4 lbs. So what's new since he was last seen? He's crawling/exploring and recently started walking...

    But I am somewhat worried that he lost so much weight. I know physical exercise is probably why he's lost weight... but I sill feel 4 lbs on a (previously) 27 lb. baby is a bit much.

    He still BFs atleast 4 times a day and several times at night. He was a jar for "lunch" and another for "dinner"... about 4 oz each time.

    How can I tell if he's eating enough? I am pretty worried.
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    Default Re: Weight Gain Slowing?

    If he has enough poopy/wet diapers, and seems to be growing fine/thriving and reaching milestones, etc I wouldn't worry too much. Especially if he has become more mobile recently.
    Some things could have contributed to the difference in weight, like:
    -was he weighed on the same scale
    -was he weighed at different times of the day
    -did he have clothes on/off last time compared to this time
    etc, etc...
    But if you continue to notice more weight loss instead of reaching a plateau or stopping point, I'd definitely talk to the pedi in case there is some thing more serious going on. Did the pedi seemed concerned?
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    Default Re: Weight Gain Slowing?

    I bet the scale was off last time. How much had he gained between the previous 2 appointments?

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    Default Re: Weight Gain Slowing?

    when was his last appt? The walking and crawling can lead to slow gain or slight loss...but 4 lbs does seem a lot! Did the pedi seem concerned? And WOW 27 lbs...was that before or after the loss? My 19 month old isnt even 20 lbs...lol
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    Have you considered having him reweighed? It might ease your mind. A stressed out mommy is no good for anyone. If you haven't already, maybe weigh him weekly (just to keep an eye on his progress). Sounds like you have some high-octane breastmilk, mama! Your LO sounds mighty strong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*samiha View Post
    I bet the scale was off last time. How much had he gained between the previous 2 appointments?
    This is a very good possible explanation.

    If your LO is nursing just 4 times during the daytime hours, I think it wouldn't hurt to offer more frequently and see what happens. Some busy babies do forget to nurse! And while he's probably making up for it at night, it wouldn't hurt to nurse more during the day.

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    Default Re: Weight Gain Slowing?

    Would you mind sharing what his weight gain has been like at each visit? From birth, one month, and on? Just to see his pattern of gain. Same scale every visit? With or with out clothes each time? was there a big jump in his weight gain when you found out he was 27 lbs? how much was he the visit before that?
    That does seem like a lot, I would first question the scale if my baby was doing great and meeting milestones, having adequate wet/dirty dipes, no illnesses.
    What did the Dr say?
    I would increase nursing sessions during the day if you can!

    Sorry for all the questions! just trying to help rule stuff out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*haden View Post
    Nice but i don't know that why people want to loss their weight? I think if your body is naturally that way then why would you want to change it?

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