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Thread: How to become EP'er

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    I'm going back to work next Thursday . My work schedule is totally crazy (10 hour days with 30 min commute time each way). My hours change every week. Most weeks I would have to wake DD up extremely early to nurse so I could make it to work on time. I don't want to have to wake her if there is no need. Then I get home so late other weeks that she might already be sleeping. I'm wondering though is it possible to EP from now on? DD takes a bottle like a champ, so I have no worries there. But how do I even begin? How often should I pump? She will be 4 months on the 14th and nurses approx every 2-2.5 hours.

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    Will she nurse at all when she's sleepy/sleeping? Every baby is different, but I am able to pick up DS2 when he's sleeping and he'll nurse and never open his eyes and go back down to sleep.

    My schedule for the last 5 months has been pretty easy, but when I first went back to work I was working really long hours sometimes, and it didn't make an EPer out of me. DS2 wouldn't take a bottle very well, so he would sleep with me and nurse all night and not eat a whole lot during the day. Is cosleeping out of the question for you?

    DS2 would also nurse a ton on weekends too. How long is your work week?

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    When I first went back to work after I had DS I went back for 9.5 hr days with a 45 min each way commute. I am not kidding it was hard, but the nursing made it so much easier to be gone. I would dream nurse him before I left and pump a number of times at work and nurse nurse nurse after I got home. The days I was home we nursed all the time. I don't think I personally could have EPed. I HATE pumping.
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