I am so sad. My heart is breaking. I've always been fortunate enough to travel with my kids for work but not this time. I will be leaving my 5.5 month old home for 5 days. Long story short my co-workers dh is in his final days of battle with cancer. I'm doing the job of two people and will not have any time to spend with my baby if I brought her. I will literally be working 7am - 10pm w-f and Tuesday and Saturday are travel days and be lucky to find time to slip away and pump. I'm worried about how I can best deal with being away from her. I know she is safe and will be well cared for by her daddy and the kids nanny. But I am so sad. I feel like a failure. I'm worried she will cry and I won't be there to calm her. My heart hurts so bad. I don't want to leave her. If you have left your little baby how have you emotional dealt with leaving your lo behind? Was it as hard as you thought it was? Thank you.