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Thread: strategy for returning to work?!?!

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    Default strategy for returning to work?!?!

    I'm a proud mama to a 6 week old, unfortunately it is necessary for me to return back to work, and I will be back in action in 4 weeks. We are lucky enough to have a couple of friends who are stay at home moms, so DS will be cared for in their home! I work 50 hours a week (five 10's), and DS' dad and I will be (hopefully) able to arrange our schedules so that DS only has to be away from our house about 6 hours a day, probably 4 days a week... I estimate that DS will consume three - four 3.5oz bottles while I am gone, and I will be pumping at work 3x/day to hopefully keep up with his demand.

    I have had some problems with (i think) OALD, DS sometimes fusses at the breast, and I know that my milk does spray pretty forcefully with each letdown, he sometimes chokes a bit after the first and second letdown. I keep watching his diaper output, and it's varying: mostly yellow to somewhat green, sometimes grainy, sometimes watery... It seems to help when I keep him on one side for 3 hours, then switch. He's a big healthy chunker... So now for the questions, lol:

    ?: Should I pump now to stockpile a supply? I have pumped about 7 days so far and have put 40 or so oz.s in the freezer, (DS has had about 6 or 7 bottles (3.5oz) so far, with no problems at all)

    ?: If I do pump now, will it affect my Supply so much that I will have problems with engorgement when I do go back to work?
    I have had a bit of a problem with oversupply, along with the OALD, but i do want to have some milk stored for the second year, (my *goal* is to be able to BF for the first year, and have some stored for the second year or so)

    Thanks, MJ

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    Default Re: strategy for returning to work?!?!

    I have been back to work for 1 ½ weeks now. So please keep in mind I am new at this. Before returning to work I pumped about 6-7oz a day. Pumping first thing in the morning and later in the evening. I have a fast let down and at times problems with plugged ducks.

    Now that I am back to work, I pump and breastfeed in the morning, then pump at work 3 times a day. I no longer pump in the night, mostly because I have a bottle hater. My LO only eats 6oz during the day then cluster feeds at night. I pump 15-17oz a day. So far I have not had any problems, however I feel I have to pump to keep my supply and because I feel very full every three hours.

    I believe that the pumping I did before going to work helped with having good amounts now that I’m back to work. I have friends and coworkers that could not pump any more then a few oz a day.

    I hope that helps. Also sending you a hug about all the emotions that come with going back to work. I will say it’s hard but what I have found is that time we are together it’s wonderful. The quality of time becomes better spent.

    Good luck!

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