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Thread: EBF until 12 months old or longer

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    I'd have to go dig up some links - but yes, the current recommendation for food allergies is to NOT delay starting solids. And also that it doesn't matter whether or not mom avoids foods while pregnant or breastfeeding to try to prevent food allergies.

    FWIW - the TENDENCY for allergies is inherited, not the specific allergy. So your DH nut allergy just means that your LO is likely to be allergic to SOMETHING but not necessarily nuts or other foods.

    See my signature below to links for baby led solids. IME BLS is a great way to go. Your job is to offer appropriate healthy food options. And then sit back and let baby decide what and how much to eat.

    My DS1 was interested in exploring food but didn't really eat until he was 8.5 or 9 mo old. DS2 was hugely interested in food and was eating 3 "meals" a day by that age.
    DS1: bf 7/2006 -> 4/2009; multiple food allergies
    DS2: bf 9/2009 -> ???
    ; multiple food allergies
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    My son is 9 months and he has had allergies. I suspected this because allergies run in my husband's family and he has asthma. And my son has struggled with ezcema. Found out that if I ate peanut butter it caused bad eczema for him. I cut out peanut butter and bye bye eczema! I had a blood test done recently to test for allergies. It was helpful to me... but I have heard from others on this forum that blood tests might not be accurate and not too reliable. I thought having the blood test would remove all worries... but I think the best thing is to test things out slowly.

    I was eager for my son to eat solids and I would try to introduce two things at once (instead of doing one solid food at a time and wait 4 days inbetween). Soo much better to take it slowly. Otherwise if there is a reaction you'll drive yourself crazy trying to identify which thing it is.

    My mother in law was worried about iron levels in my son. She is a registered nutritionist and works for WIC (Women Infants and Children). At 9 months the doctor tested for his iron levels (a simple finger prick). And it came back that he is anemic.

    I like what the mom shared about not being worried by sticking too closely to dates and timelines. That is helpful advice.
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    Thank you everyone for all your posts and the information! I'm not worried about when to feed my baby solids... I guess I thought holding off from the solids would be beneficial... I'm just gonna wait and see when she gets some teeth and see how she acts when she gets older. She has no teeth right now and I don't forsee her getting many in less than a month... So I won't be giving her solids right when she turns 6 months... But I may not wait till 12 months to give her solids... I just want to play it by ear... Thanks again

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    It's not necessary to use teeth as a guideline for solids. My first two children didn't have a single tooth until 12 months and ate everything other children their age ate.

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    Here is a helpful blog on the topic of baby-led solids. It's got lots of science-y research, as well as tips and tricks (and cute pics). Hope it helps!


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    ITA with going with baby's cues. My 9 mo old wld hate me if I gave her no solids=she loves it. but another 9 mo old may not be interested much.

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    My little one just turned 11 months and is still EBF. His pediatrician recommended giving him a mulitvitamin with iron to supplement the iron that breastmilk does not have.

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