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Thread: watery pumped milk....

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    Default watery pumped milk....

    Yesterday I was away from my 6 week old LO for most of the day (8 hours, and i missed him soooo!) having a girls day with my mom and sis. His dad gave him bottles of my pumped milk, and everything went a-okay on that front... We went to a play and dinner, the logistics of pumping was just ridiculous! (I discovered that I absolutely NEED a car adaptor for my pump!) SO, I only had a chance to pump once during my absence, collecting about 3.5 oz, which is average for me; and then had a big break (6.5 hours) before pumping again...

    When I did get to my pump, my DS had just eaten a bottle, and I pumped about 9.5 oz! I have an Ameda pump, with freezer storage bags in 5 oz increments... The first 5 oz or so looks extremely thin, kind of yellowy, esp compared to my normal milk production. So, I was curious, is that first large amount mostly foremilk?!? The second bag is thicker looking, and whiter... This morning I noticed that the exdpressed milk in the first bag has a very thin layer of cream on the top, and it still looks pretty thin...

    Should I waste the thin milk, or mix it with the thicker stuff?! help, please!

    Thanks!!<3 MJ

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    Default Re: watery pumped milk....

    If you haven't frozen any of it yet, I'd mix it and then separate back out into smaller increments. It probably won't make much difference either way, I'm sure even the watery milk is fine, but that's what I'd do if it were me.
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