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Thread: Whole Milk after 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*nolies.mama View Post
    Why do they even make it??? !

    And the way I have always looked at it is that the recommendation to switch is kind of a one size fits all sort of thing. Like telling you not to drink when you're pregnant, even though you can a little, because some people just take it too far. So if your child is eating a well balanced diet with lots of good stuff and very little junk and sugar, whole fat milk is probably the least of their worries. I think it is the same for adults too.
    I would rather eat a small amount of real cheese or whole fat yogurt than a large amount of rubbery, fake low fat junk any day.

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    I know this i late, but I just wanted to point out that eating animal fat does not in any way contribute to the fat around your abdomen! what lies! The fat is where vitamin A and D is. Look up weston a price foundation. You'll be blown away by what we've been led to believe in this country. My diet consists of about 20 percent animal fat, and I have trouble gaining weight.. but as soon as I add back in more carbs.. guess what? I gain weight. So please, do your child a favor and get non-homegenized WHOLE milk. (or raw milk.. so good!)
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