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Thread: Pumping For A Friend!

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    I'm so excited, I have a friend adopting a baby and when I asked if they might want me to pump for him they said YES!!! I obviously can't pump enough to fully feed him and my own baby, but I can get a a good 6oz a day...better than nothin' right! I'm just excited and wanted to share with like minded ladies!!
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    good for you!! what a nice gift you're going to give that baby.
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    Wow, what a great gift you are giving your friend and the baby! Donating such liquid gold is very generous on your part!
    Breastfeeding was a huge challenge for a few reasons:

    - I have very flat nipples, and
    - Baby did not have a good latch, and
    - I had breast reduction surgery 6 years ago.

    Nursing at the breast just wasn't working but I really want to give her everything I had therefore am pumping exclusively. Today, I am succesfully nursing at the breast full-time!

    I hope I can meet other mothers who are in the same situation as I am and possibly support some as well.

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    I was able to donate milk to a friend of mine who could not produce enough (due to physiological problems, not due to lack of trying!), and it made me feel great to know my excess milk was going to someone who would appreciate it. My friend's baby got milk from lot of different mamas, and it became a joke that she was quite the breastmilk connoisseur.

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