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Thread: What to do about a picky eater

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    Default What to do about a picky eater

    My 17 month old DS is still nursing a few times per day - he is in child care 4 days per week and on those days he nurses early in the AM and not again until I pick him up in the late afternoon/early evening. From the time I pick him up and all night long, he nurses whenever he wants (this applies to my work from home day as well as weekends) We cosleep, and he is still nursing several times per night - the most I get is a 4 hour stretch....and after 17 months I am worn out :-( I love sleeping with him and the way we can reconnect and snuggle after a day apart, but the nursing through the night is just wearing me out!

    He eats some solids, but lately I feel like even though we offer him what we eat, he mostly only wants snacky stuff - graham crackers, goldfish, some fruit, etc. He refuses meat and has issues with iron deficiency anemia.

    Anyway I am torn now because I am trying to fill him up during the day so that I can get more sleep at night but I don't want to fill him up on foods that are junk (not exactly junk, but not vegetables, proteins, etc). He is gaining weight well and other than the iron deficiency has been very healthy. We have been giving him Fer-in-sol twice daily for the past 6 weeks after being sent to a hematology specialist for his low hemoglobin levels and I think maybe that is upsetting his stomach....but who knows for sure?

    We go for a check up this week and I am hoping we can stop the iron
    supplements and that maybe that will help his appetite, but I really don't know what else to do/try? Do I just keep looking for healthy snacks and hope that I can fill him up enough to get a decent stretch of sleep?

    I cant even broach the subject with our pediatrician because she will just give me another "let him cry it out/he doesn't need to nurse at night" lecture. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: What to do about a picky eater

    I understand what you're going through mama. My DD is also 17mo. and has become a picky eater whenever she feels like it. I have found that she likes the stage 1 meat, turkey, chicken gerbers mixed with stage 2 green beans, peas, sweet potato, etc so that she gets some meats. Also, she really likes (on some days ) Cream of Wheat w/very vanilla soy milk or breast milk (and a pinch of sugar) which is a great source of iron, and the granola & oatmeal gerbers. I'll make oatmeal for her with fruits blended in, too. Sometimes she like it, other days she doesn't. I'm just rolling with the punches. Can you send some foods to his DC?
    Have you tried pureed/mashed lentils, maybe? Or letting your DS feed himself? I've noticed that lately I've had to feed DD while she running around playing or let her try to feed herself in order to get her to eat But she still wants to feed at night, and I'm a SAHM!
    It is rough mama, so as far as the cosleeping, I think he's trying to make up for lost hours during the day in mama's closeness. No foods can fill him up like mama's warmth. My DD still won't go more than 4hrs sleeping, unless she's in our bed! It is very exhausting & wears you down.
    hang in there mama. Also, maybe the peek of separation anxiety is making its debut
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