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Thread: Ideas for milk storage with for travel w/o baby

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    Default Ideas for milk storage with for travel w/o baby

    I am traveling for work without my baby for four days. What are some suggestions for milk storage while in the hotel and flying home with all of that milk. I really would hate to have to dump all of it as it will be almost 200 ounces. I'm hoping another mommy has some suggestions as it's going to be hard enough leaving my baby for that long.

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    Default Re: Ideas for milk storage with for travel w/o baby

    I'm going to forward you a PM from another llli mom, but I'll also share my own experiences here for everyone else.

    I traveled to NYC for 5 days w/o my baby. I brought my pump carry-on (I have a Freestyle for "business"-type use), but never had to use it on the plane. I did end up needing to use it in the airport bathroom (yuck!) for one leg though, so I'm glad I didn't check it. For the trip there, I just had my regular take-home cooler I used @ work for what I pumped during the day until getting to the hotel.

    I made sure in advance that I would have a refrigerator in my room; I even explained to them that it was for breast milk. They were very accommodating. I had been advised to freeze the milk for the return trip; unfortunately, the freezer portion of the fridge didn't work, but by the time I figured that out, I didn't feel like stressing over getting the milk to freeze before leaving.

    I packed a TON of ziploc bags for ice. I found a lunch cooler that had a separate compartment for ice, which I filled with ziploc bags full of ice; the milk went in the other side in BM storage bags. When I went through security, I went through the "declare medical liquids" line. I told them I was carrying breast milk, and they just looked through it and sent me on my way. I didn't even have to dump out the ice, which I had expected to have to do and then get new ice from a restaurant in the secure area.

    A couple of notes:
    1) I have been told by women who fly more than me that it is easier to get milk through if it is frozen. I had no problems w/ my one flight, but there it is.
    2) I printed out a copy of the breast milk traveling rules from the faa website. I wanted to make sure they didn't make me test it or dump it out or check it or something, but I ended up not needing to fight w/ anyone about it.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Ideas for milk storage with for travel w/o baby

    All very sage advice. I agree with everything the PP said. I very occasionally have had to store milk or some pump parts in the hotel's freezer or fridge (i.e., if they don't have one for my room) - I have NEVER had a hotel give me a problem with any request like this. I would only do this if absolutely necessary, as there is the possibility it could get misplaced (I lost a PISA freezer pack that way).

    I would also say that I have occasionally been given some trouble by the security guards, so definitely bring any printouts you can find. If they give you trouble, just stay respectful, but stand your ground. Don't be afraid of a few waterworks if push comes to shove, but don't raise your voice. I have NEVER had my milk refused in the end, but some guards just don't understand why you might need to bring milk if your baby isn't with you.

    Good luck!!

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    Default Re: Ideas for milk storage with for travel w/o baby

    Oh, also some unsolicited advice about your pumping schedule while away - hope you don't mind. PLEASE don't skimp on the pumping times. I had some real issues with getting ill from engorgement because of taking the opportunity to sleep through the night! If you're used to getting up to feed - please pump at night while you're away from your baby!!!

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