Hi all,
I was here before threatening to quit but somehow, some way, I've made it to five months (next Wednesday). My baby boy was born at 35 3/7 weeks, and we've had a lot of trouble getting to EBF (sleepy breech preemie born by emergency c-section coupled with low supply). I'm taking 90mg domperidone daily, and things were going pretty well until this past Sunday. He still takes FOREVER to eat (at least 40 minutes), and he still wakes up at least two times a night. Two nights in a row (at about 3.5 months) he slept for five hours straight and then never again! Saturday, he started getting really fussy towards the end of feedings, pulling off and crying, etc. Sunday, this escalated, and by Sunday evening, he was refusing to even latch at all. About a week prior to that, we discovered that he no longer takes a bottle. (He has had intermittent bottles throughout, starting at about two months when I was hospitalized with appendicitis.) So, Sunday, we attempted to give him a bottle because he wouldn't nurse, but he wouldn't take that either. He was inconsolable at this point, so we soothed him to sleep. He nursed ok on Monday and Tuesday, and I pumped after every daytime feeding (he eats about every 2.5 hours still) and would give him the milk with a syringe (usually 0.5-1 oz). Wednesday and Thursday were fine, but I didn't pump. Last night, I fed him from 7:30-8:30. He was fussing towards the end, pulling off, etc, but he managed to get more letdowns which I'm guessing is what he's after. Then I tried to feed him at 9:40 so we could go to bed, and he would just pull off and cry. He finally fell asleep on the breast at around 10:20 and woke up to eat at 1. I have questions...I'm getting there!
1) Does this sound like a supply issue? He's peeing plenty and he has at least one large poop a day and several smaller ones. I don't know why my supply would have dropped. I haven't been ill, exercising (sigh); I'm not pregnant; I haven't gotten my period; he's not sleeping for longer stretches. I nurse him all the time!
2) Could it be a growth spurt? Are preemie growth spurts gestational age adjusted? Could he be having his four month growth spurt now?
3) Anyone have experience with a slow eater? Will he ever get faster? Is it an issue with my letdowns? The first one comes pretty quickly, but the subsequent ones definitely take a while.
4) Should I be supplementing if he does his routine at the end of feedings and doesn't get more letdowns?? Sometimes he just gets too frustrated and will refuse to relatch. But when I take him away from the breast he's fine, smiling and ready to play.

I would love some advice!!! Thanks for reading!