I'm an exclusive pumper and I have been having back problems. I tried everything I could get them to do before going to back injections and it did nothing, so while I was waiting for the injection appointment I stored as much of my excess milk as I could in the freezer. In about a month I was able to stash 320 oz, while my son was eating between 40-45oz. / day.

I was told yesterday I have to pump and dump for FIVE days after the shots to be sure the milk is safe. They gave me a dye so they could find the nerves on x-ray, a sedative, a numbing agent before they stuck me, and I guess there was some numbing and then of course the steroids they injected in my back. *sigh*

My son is refusing the thawed milk from the freezer. We have to wait until he is really, really, REALLY hungry before he'll eat it and even then he only eats about 3/4 of what he was eating before. I still have 4 days left of dumping. He is five months.

I've tasted the milk and it does taste perhaps a little icky, but I wouldn't necessarily say "soapy". Milk in the fridge tastes just fine even 2-3+ days after I put it in there. When I froze it I dumped it in a ziploc bag (I can't afford the breast milk storage bags and I've read there really isn't much of a difference and many moms use ziplocs) and put it straight in the freezer. I defrost it by taking it out and leaving it in the fridge as long as I can and then putting it in cool / warm water until it has defrosted, then putting it in the fridge. I only defrost 16oz at a time (he was taking 6 oz bottles but now we are going to try 5oz since he's been leaving 1-2 oz of his 6 oz defrosted bottles).

I really don't want to go to formula. For one thing, we can't afford it. I can't give him my milk, I'm at a loss of what to do. I feel horrible. I didn't want to do this, but I NEEDED to try this option for my back. I've been living with this problem for going on nine months now and the longer I wait the more I worry it might be permanent. I feel horrible and just want to go sob in a corner.

What would you do? The only options are to feed him this milk or feed him formula.