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    Hello everyone,

    My baby is 4.5 months and 17 pounds. He wakes up twice during the night to feed. I would like to know when he might stop feeding at night. We put him to bed at 7pm and he wakes around 1-2pm for the first feeding and then at 5-6am for the second. I don't mind the second feeding.

    He is a very curious and gets easily distracted during the day during feedings. At times, I have pumped my milk and had my nanny give him the milk in a bottle and he is more attentive to feeding. He likes the bottle. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    can you nurse him first before bed and then give him a bottle of EBM right before bed? It might be enough to "top him off" to make it to that 5-6am feeding.

    OR, if I feel like Shiloh hasn't eaten a whole lot during the day, I'll go grab him out of his crib and nurse him just before I get into bed. He's usually in a dead sleep and never even wakes up...just enough to eat. He would sleep through regardless, but I feel better knowing that he got one good feeding in without being so distracted.

    HTH, let us know if anything works.
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    My little guy was like yours and woke twice a night. Now I never know what to expect. He is 5 months old and is also very distracted when he nurses. Apparently that is very prevalent around that age. I was told by the specialized breast feeding nurses to offer him the breast more often during the day.I didn't think he would want to drink more but he drinks way more often now.

    I'm way too scared to do that dreamfeed thing before I go to bed.Too scared he'll wake. Although I was also told to do that to help him sleep longer.

    Hope that helps. Sweet dreams for baby and you!

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    Thanks ladies,

    Both options sound good. Feeding him more during the day sounds like it will work as will waking him up to feed before I go to bed. Lets see what happens

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    To be honest your current schedule sounds like a dream! Your LO is technically "sleeping through the night" with a 6-7 hr stretch. I wouldn't expect it to get any better any time soon. In fact, with teething and developmental challenges coming up in the next months your LO will likely be waking much more often. Call me jealous, but I only had one week where I was getting 7 straight hours of sleep out of DS (somewhere around 4 mos.) Now, at 6.5 mos, he is up AT LEAST every 2 hrs b/c of the imminent emergence of teeth and the fact that he is just too interested in what's going on in the world to waste his time sleeping. Enjoy what you have. It is actually rare.

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