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Thread: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

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    Default Re: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    Thanks for posting this thread, as DD is 9 months and I've started wondering what we'd do once we got around the bend. I also wonder if she's increasing solids to the point where she's cutting down on breastmilk, which makes me but it's only natural. I'm a teacher and it just occurred to me that next semester she'll be 13 months, and we could pump wean--incredible as that sounds at this moment, when I'm pumping every two hours which has successfully increased output.
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    Default Re: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    I have twins that are 18 months old and I was in the same boat 6 months ago. I had only planned on nursing til one, but it turned into at least two now. My twins are small, they are just now 20 lbs at 18 months. My son didn't start sleeping through the night until last month, and my daughter still wakes up at least once to nurse at night, sometimes 5 times or more. I also have two different nursers. My daughter would be fine only nursing at nap, bed time, and through the night. My son would love to be attached all day long! I found it easiest to continue nursing on demand for the most part. If you feel touched out, it's okay to start setting limits.

    I have gone against all of my preconceived notions since the babies were born. I only planned to nurse til one, I didn't believe in co-sleeping, blah, blah, blah. My family and friends constantly give me a hard time about the co-sleeping and the extended nursing. I really don't care, I know I'm doing the best thing for them - they are just babies after all, what makes them grown when they turn one?

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    Default Re: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    I have to say that around and just after 1 I got that question often, but now that DD is 19 months, I hardly ever get asked.

    About weaning at 1 year old, do our babies have a timer inside that pops when they hit 366 days? I dont get why people think they need to wean at a year. I guess that is typical for formula fed babies, cause they no longer need the formula, but there is sooooo much more to nursing then nutrition. I know DD loves to nurse when upset, sick, tired, frustrated, or just to reconnect, etc...having gone thru an older child who was unable to nurse (due to cleft lip and palate), though he did get his mommas milk, he wasnt able to comfort nurse, etc...it is a whole different world being able to mother at the breast. Something that has made my life much easier, and DD much happier baby!

    I say ignore the crowd and go with your heart. Are you and baby content? Would you be considering weaning if everyone wasnt asking you?
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    Default Re: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    I am so grateful we hadn't even started weaning. The whole family has a stomach bug this weekend, and dd has been nursing nonstop. She's even refusing crackers and cheerios! I am so grateful to not have to worry about her nutrition or her liquids.

    "I have gone against all of my preconceived notions since the babies were born."

    Thanks twinsmommy. Thats so true.

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    Default Re: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    When Ben was born I too thought I would just breastfeed for a year. And now here I am.. he is 14 months old tomorrow and I just can't imagine stopping. It's going to be really hard for both of us to quit. I suppose I was like a lot of people and thought nursing past 12 months was weird. I didn't know what toddler nursing looked like either, but I guess that's what I'm doing.

    I am dealing with other people around me weaning too. Luckily, there are a few other girls I work with who are still breastfeeding their babies who were born around the same time as my son so that makes me feel less weird. (I work at a really big hospital in a big NICU and there were 5 other nurses who had their babies the same month as me)
    And people ask me too when I am going to give him cows milk. I have told them I don't see why I should buy milk when I make my own for free.. hehe.. and also that breastmilk is nutritionally much better for him than cows milk.. lots more protein etc and he also gets the antibodies still and wny would I stop breastfeeding during cold and flu season?

    Basically do whats right for you. I love "mothering through breastfeeding." It's the easiest way to get him to sleep at night or down for a nap. If he's cranky I just nurse him. If he falls down and is crying I nurse him. If we are out shopping and he is getting fussy I duck into a dressing room and nurse him for a minutes and he's a happy camper the rest of the trip.

    I think the weirdest thing for me is when people I know have a 2 month old they stop breastfeeding for whatever reason and here I am nursing my one year old.. it is just awkward to me. But I do it anyway..

    Momma to Benjamin, we recently made it nursing to age 2!!!!

    Benjamin born 9-17-09

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