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Thread: teething or something else?

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    Question teething or something else?

    My DS is 4 months old and for the last several weeks he has been drooling, sucking/biting on his fingers, my fingers and anything else he can get in his mouth. After everything I've read, I diagnosed him as teething. In addition to the above, he is very fussy--often whining and crying frequently throughout the day (which is unlike him). He finds comfort in nursing,which seems unusal (shouldn't he notwant to eat?). He is still sleeping through the night (9 PM to 7 AM).
    So here are my questions:

    1. Is he teething?
    2. Is it okay to constantly nurse him when he cries in pain (I'm assuming) or am I starting up a bad habit?
    3. How have you guys dealt with your LO teething?

    I'm sure I am just being a worry wort, but it breaks my heart when he cries. I just don't know what to do for him (other than nurse him, give him a teething ring, etc...

    TIA Ladies!

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    Default Re: teething or something else?

    It's ok to be a worry wort--I think that's part of the job description of new motherhood . #1--4 months would be on the early side for teething, but it's definitely possible. It is normal at that age to drool heavily and put things to the mouth whether or not teeth are coming in--its just part of that stage of development. Can you see red/swollen gums? #2 It's definitely ok to nurse for comfort whether the fussiness is due to teething or to something else. That's one of the great things about nursing--it helps so many different things! Some babies do not want to nurse much when they have teething pain, but others do want to comfort nurse more. Whatever helps is great. #3 My DS did comfort nurse a bit more while teething. On a couple of occasion we also gave him some tylenol. Chewing on something cold (i.e. cold washcloth) can also be helpful.

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    Default Re: teething or something else?

    DS had 2 teeth by his 4 mo birthday(got them at 3.5 mos old). It isn't the "norm" but it definitely could be teething.

    He's got 3 teeth now, working on 4. Oh how I wish he'd comfort nurse. Instead, he screams when I try to nurse him because it hurts. Tylenol helps, frozen BM pops work, cold washrags, ice...anything cold.

    Just hold him and do anything else to try to make him comfortable.

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