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    My mom says she stopped breastfeeding both me and my brother once we had teeth. She said it was too painful. I told her I plan to breastfeed as long as DS wants to, and she said "Oh, just wait until he gets his teeth in!"

    Obviously it's not that big of a deal if so many mommies keep BFing after LO gets teeth in. Is there any truth to what she says? Not that I would stop even if it did hurt, because I can't imagine it being any more painful than the pain I went through with improper latches, infections, etc. But I just want to hear from other moms what their experiences are/were with those pearly whites!

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    Definitely some grazing w/ the 1st two and this last one(His 5th) But you just need to readjust the latch. MY baby will eagerly open his mouth WIDE if I pull out my breast. He still knows what that means!! He's so smart

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    My DD was one of the easily distracted nursers for awhile. Then she got teeth and began biting me. That was at 7 months. Then she stopped and we had about two months of bliss. It was really nice. Now at 10 months she began biting me again. This has been going on over 2 weeks now. I was very sad. And still am. I began pumping and that is working fine but sometimes she still crawls up to me to nurse. I will nurse her but then she bites. I got those breast sheilds the other day. The first time I tried it she did fine but now she turns away from it. My DS used to bite me but then he stopped and I nursed him until he was 2. I don't know if I can do it this time with DD if she keeps biting me.

    I had also heard about flicking when biten. And I was so desperate I tried it. It did not work and it just made her so upset. I was so mad at myself for even doing it. Now DS will even say "NO BITING" when I nurse her.

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