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Thread: 5 month old waking every 2 hours

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    Default 5 month old waking every 2 hours

    I need some advice, please:

    I have a 5 month old daughter that I'm breastfeeding. Lately she's been [B][U]whining about every 2 hours so I get up and feed her. I hear her whining but she's not exactly crying. Should I not be responding to her so quickly with the slightest whimper? It seems like she wants to eat every 2-2.5 hours and that she wants to use me as a pacifier when she's done eating. She used to sleep about 4-5 hours when I was feeding her expressed breast milk (we had problems latching on) but now I'm exclusively breast feeding her at night now. Should I wait until she actually cries to feed her? I've tried patting her on the butt and i've tried rocking her back to sleep but that doesn't work. I've also tried giving her a pacifier but when she realizes its not me she breaks out into a full blown cry.

    I'd also like to know what I can do to wake her up when she falls asleep eating. I don't produce enough milk by pumping to provide her with a bottle at night, I only produce enough for her daily feedings while I'm away from her. I work long hours so I'm gone from her about 11 hours during the day.

    Any advice you can provide will be very helpful.

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    Default Re: 5 month old waking every 2 hours

    My LO is 13 months and still wakes up several times a night. From what I have read here in previous posts this is very normal for BF babies. The fact that you are working long hours makes her want to be with you more when you are at home especially at night. I am a human pacifier also LO screams bloody murder if I try to give her one. You are her mommy and that is what she wants and I don't think you are doing anything wrong by responding to her quickly I do the same thing. This lets LO know that I will be there.

    Why do you want to wake her when she falls alseep eating? Only thing I can think to do is to just nurse her in only her diaper, or pull her off right before she nods off.

    Hope I helped you a little. There are nights where my LO is in bed with me all night and others where she will spen most of it in her crib. I enjoyt he closeness eventhough I miss the extra sleep. I know it won't be this way forever so I cherish the time it is!
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    Default Re: 5 month old waking every 2 hours


    I am also wondering why you want to wake her up? Maybe I am misunderstanding the question. Are you wanting to pump after feeding?

    Perhaps baby is reverse cycling? Like the mama above me mentioned, maybe she is making up for not being with you during the day and is more wakeful at night to be with you and nurse. not uncommon

    Could she be teething? That is also a reason for frequent night wakings.

    Or maybe it's time for a growth spurt!

    Have you ever thought about co sleeping? That is the only way I can get any sleep. That way, if the baby falls asleep nursing, I can go right back to sleep too instead of getting up to put the baby back in their room/crib. There are many ways to make co sleeping/bed sharing safe
    here are some links on safe co sleeping

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    Default Re: 5 month old waking every 2 hours

    I only work 4 days a week, 10 hours a day so I'm home with her 3 days out of the week. During the time that I'm home with her, I exclusively breastfeed and its the same thing, she whines every 2 hours or so (at night). She'll wait about 3 hours during the day to feed, sometimes less, sometimes more. She slept for over 3 hours during the day yesterday for her nap.

    I didn't know if I was doing something wrong by responding to her on demand or if I need to wait a couple of minutes before I pick her up because I don't wait for her to cry, its normally just whining. The reason I wanted to wake her while she's feeding is so that she gets a full feeding and isn't 'snacking', especially during her first night feeding before I actually put her down for the entire night. I was thinking that she might be starting to teeth, but I'm new at this so I'm not exactly sure about that either.

    I've started to cosleep with her after the 2nd night feeding. When I first put her down at night I put her in her crib. I nursed her in a rocking chair for her first feeding last night but I was exhausted so when she fell asleep I put her back in her crip. She woke up 2 hours later and I brought her in bed with me for the rest of the night and she woke up again so I nursed her in bed with me and then again before I had to get dressed for work. She likes to use me as a pacifier when she's in bed with me. My husband thinks that I shouldn't be bringing her to bed and that's why she's not sleeping in her crib as long but its exhausting sitting up feeding her when I have to wake up at 5am for work. I know she sleeps longer when I give her breastmilk out the bottle but I enjoy nursing her, I just wish she would extend her spand from 2 hours to 3-4 like when she was taking the bottle.

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    Default Re: 5 month old waking every 2 hours

    I agree with a PP who suggested reverse cycling. It's pretty common for Mama's who work - and i don't think it matters that you're home three days a week, they just get used to a schedule sometimes and stick with it for a while. As you said, she's sleeping 3 or more hours a stretch during the day.

    My DS definitely reverse cycled during the first couple of months of me bing back to work. Some Mamas don't mind it, but I was a zomby. I really just tried to encourage nursing as much as possible in the hours that I was home with him in the evening and then I would nurse like crazy during the day on weekends to try and get him to switch to more sleeping at night.

    I would definitely, if you're able to sleep, continue cosleeping. I honestly wish it worked for our family - as it is now, i've made myself up a little bed in DS's room and lay in there for nursing at night. No way can I sit up and nurse for that long every night.... so much more relaxing if you know you can nap too.
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