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Thread: Books on extended breastfeeding

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    Default Books on extended breastfeeding

    I was curious if there are any good books out there on the subject.

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    Ohhh me too. I've only seen a chapter here or there in the basic ones.

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    Default Re: Books on extended breastfeeding

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    Default Re: Books on extended breastfeeding

    La Leche League wrote a good awhile back called "Mothering your nursing toddler". I personally found it to be a good read though it does need to be updated

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    Default Re: Books on extended breastfeeding

    yes, "Mothering your nursing toddler" is really good.

    there's a new one called "Breastfeeding older children", I haven't read it yet though.

    and if it applies to you there's "Adventures in tandem nursing", which is about breastfeeding during pregnancy and beyond.

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