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Thread: Becoming difficult to nurse 5 month old

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    Default Becoming difficult to nurse 5 month old

    Breastfeeding my 5 month old daughter has become increasingly difficult. We've been going along just fine until the past few weeks. Usually during the day she nurses fine, but in the evenings, especially if she's tired, she'll try to nurse and it seems like she gets frustrated after 10 seconds and pulls away, crying. This is especially true if we've had a busy day or the schedule is off. Finally, we end up giving her a bottle of breastmilk if nursing won't work, but we are hoping to keep that from becoming a habit. Is she just tired, and doesn't want to 'work' at the breast? Or is she preferring the bottle? We noticed she's starting to get some hints of teeth - could this be a product of teething?
    Any ideas are appreciated! Thank you!

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    Sounds like it may be teething. It seems to be worse at night. It has been with my LO anyway

    Have you tried nursing before she gets too tired? I bought the teething tablets they are all natural and worked great for LO. I have also used cold washcloths in the past too.
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    Thanks for the tip! I might try the washcloth...tonight it was the same thing again, and I finally pumped for a minute to get things flowing and that seemed to help, but in the end I think she was just too tired.
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