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Thread: Deep Nipple Pain

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    Default Deep Nipple Pain

    Lately my dd has been pulling SO hard when she nurses that my left breast has some deep pain going on. It's not like chapped/cracking feeling the nipples used to get in the very beginning. It's like deep in the nipple and into the center of the breast. Almost like a muscle pull or bruised feeling.

    During the last week, dd has started to wake up more at night to eat. Usually 2-3 times between 11pm and 7am. I think it might be a growth spurt or teething. I'm okay with that.

    But since she's nursing more frequently, the pain is aggravated that much more often.

    I've been taking advil occasionally. Has anyone else experienced this, and what kinds of things did you do to relieve the pain?


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    Default Re: Deep Nipple Pain

    You said that she was pulling hard at your nipple..well my 9 month did that and still does that. A lactation consultant said that it was because of me starting her on solids. Before that my milk was right there but when they start solids your milk decreases and it's not right there anymore so they have to work for it. When my little one is ready to eat I try to massage my breast and even squeeze a little out to get it going so she won't tug.
    A warm wash cloth works for me sometimes to help my milk let down and it helps with the pain.

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    Default Re: Deep Nipple Pain

    My DD has been pulling less lately. She has learned to squeeze and push to get the milk going. Like the pp said, it might help to induce that letdown beforehand. Otherwise tylenol or ibuprophen are your best bet.

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