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Thread: Won't nurse due to teething

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    Default Won't nurse due to teething

    My almost 11 month old is cutting his fifth tooth. Normally through this he is fine with nursing, even nurses more typically. This afternoon he started biting down on me and pulling away. I've tried several times since then and he wants to nurse but bitesand then pulls away. I gave him advil and tried a cold teething ring,none of which has helped. I'm at a loss. He did take some pumped milk in a cup today but i don't want that to be the new normal. Any suggestions or encouragement?

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    Default Re: Won't nurse due to teething

    teething is tough on baby AND mama

    All I can say is lots and lots of patience. If he's trying to use you as a teether, keep trying alternatives. Neither of my babies liked actual teethers but would find a favorite toy to chew on.

    For breastfeeding - with each set of new teeth both mama and baby need to experiment to figure out a new latch that will work. I got lazy and would let baby latch any way he wanted to, but with teething really focused on a good latch like I did when he was a newborn.

    If baby is biting on purpose - my approach is to stop bf immediately, put baby on the floor, and use a stern voice to say "stop! no biting! that hurts mommy". Then try again.

    Hang in there!
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    Default Re: Won't nurse due to teething

    Will he still nurse at night/when he is sleepy? For a lot of babies that age they are getting enough solids that with night nursing you don't need to worry about nursing during the day. water in a sippy cup (especially if it it is very cold can help too.
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    Default Re: Won't nurse due to teething

    Thanks for the replies. He seems to be back to normal for now.

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