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Thread: Avid nursing toddler wants to nurse more often lately

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    Default Avid nursing toddler wants to nurse more often lately

    My 17-month-old still nurses quite a bit. Usually doesn't go for more than 2-3 hours during the day without nursing. If we're out and about, I can hold her off longer (usually). At night, how many times she nurses is a bit hazy for me, but it's at least 3 times. Lately, any time I sit down--whether it's on the couch to relax for a minute or on the floor to play with her--she just makes a grab for me and is ready to nurse. Seriously.every.single.time.

    Even lately when I go to visit my mom now, which is usually about a 5-hour visit, she is asking to nurse like every hour. This isn't typical...usually at my mom's we only nurse like once...maybe sometimes twice.

    I'm not looking to wean or anything, but I'm curious how many other toddlers are like this. Sometimes I can distract her if I need to for whatever reason, but lately even that's not working very well. Doesn't want the sippy cup, doesn't want a stuffed animal, doesn't want to play, but just to nurse.

    Her sleep has been pretty off--harder to get down at night, sometimes restless--so I'm sure it's some kind of developmental thing or teething...but, wow. It's like nursing a newborn all over again!
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    Default Re: Avid nursing toddler wants to nurse more often lately

    DD does that sometimes as well. She wil come over to me and help herself...lol, unzip my shirt, lift my shirt, etc...I think when they get bigger they need to reconnect with momma, it is a BIG scarey world out there and they are becoming more indapendant by the day. Nursing is like a security blanket! That is my take I am sure there could be a hundred reasons...
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    Default Re: Avid nursing toddler wants to nurse more often lately

    I know this post was from waaaay back in October, but I wanted to add my experience. At 18 months my daughter started having developmental leaps! It was like one night we went to bed, and I had a baby girl and the next day she was total toddler!
    She also got a short respite on her constant teething (until about 23 m) and was nursing constantly. I think her mouth actually felt better and she began to realize, "Hey - I love this Mama milk stuff!"
    She still does just what you described... asking to nurse almost every hour sometimes (usually in a situation where she's bored or needing of more attention) and if I sit down on the floor or sit in the nursing chair... It's on! She'll drop whatever's in her hand and come running. It's actually kinda funny.
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