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Thread: question about extended breastfeeding

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    Hello, I am new to this website. I got on it to find out about fellow extended breastfeeders and to see who else has nurse as long as me and my daughter and what they have to say about it.
    Anyways...I have 3 kids my oldest son...now 14 years old nurse until 6 months old and then quit cold turkey when I got a depo shot for birth control (first baby and new to the game) and it changed the taste of my milk and probably dried it up some b/c I have read that it does that.
    My second son...now 10 years old nurse until he was 18 months and weaned himself by slowly cutting out feedings.(all kids fed on demand).
    Now my little girl is 32 months old and shows no sign of stopping. She is on demand feed and we also co-sleep(which I did with all of my kids..it makes it so much easier at night and we all sleep better) She never took a bottle...she absolutely refused. I went back to work when she was almost 3 months and I pumped at work but she refused every bottle known to man even the expensive/special breastfeeding bottles. She would rather starve. So I pumped for a few months and had all kinds of milk in the freezer but it just got wasted. Our solution was I feed her before I left for work and then I only live 1 mile from work so I would use my lunch break to feed her in afternoon and then I would feed her the second I walked through the door when I got off work. It helped that I worked monday-friday with weekends off so she had a regular schedule. I noticed that my milk supply adjusted to her needs and never lessoned when I quit pumping and by a year old she was eating solids good enough that she was okay with me not coming home to feed her at lunch time.
    So my opinion is that your milk supply will adjust for your baby and maybe just slowly stop pumping so your body has time to adjust and your milk supply will be fine.
    Any questions or anyone who wants to talk about extended breastfeeding...I would love to hear it.

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    I just went through this with my twins when I went back to school in Sept - they were 16 months. I was leary about pump weaning, but everything has went well. I go some days 12 hours without nursing and sometimes 3-4 days in a row. My supply has been fine, it has definately changed, but I supplement with cows milk when I'm away. There is still plenty for them. Worse case scenerio you can pump extra to boost your supply. That's the best thing that my lactation consultant told me to relieve my worries. Congrats on the pump weaning!!!

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