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Thread: question about extended breastfeeding

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    Default question about extended breastfeeding

    I have been breastfeeding for 15 months and I have also been pumping while at work (use to pump 3 times a day but I am now down to 1 time). My LO was exclusively BF until 6 months when she was introduced to solids. She didn't show much interest in solids until about 11 months. Since my LO is now eating more solids, she is down to nursing in the morning before I go to work, sometimes when I get home but not everyday, everynight before she goes down, about 1 to 2 times in the middle of the night and occasionally on weekends and days I don't work she may nurse 1 or 2 times during the day (pretty much when she's with me and requests it she'll nurse and when she's not she'll drink expressed milk). She has been introduced to cow's milk and likes it but she continues to drink expressed milk while I am at work (she won't take a bottle she drinks from sippy cup). My thing is, I want to stop pumping while at work but I am terrified that I won't have enough milk when she goes to nurse. She doesn't seem to be ready to wean and I am in no rush to wean either. I am seeking advice from any fellow extended BFers. Is it necessary for me to continue to pump in order to continue nursing? If I stop will she still get enough milk at the times that she does nurse? If I do stop pumping I will continue to give her the expressed milk which I have stored and once that runs out I will just give her cow's milk and continue to nurse at her request. Again, my main concern is that if I stop pumping all together she will not get enough milk when she wants to nurse. I was just wondering if other mom's who have/are extended breastfeeding pumped as well. Any advice, feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    After baby is about one year old your milk supply should be pretty stable.

    There are MANY moms here who stopped pumping some time after baby turned one and continued to bf for a long time after.

    My first baby I stopped pumping when he was 16 mo and he weaned at 33 mo cause I was pg and my milk had dried up. With baby #2 I'm in the process of pump weaning and he's almost 14 mo. I have no plans of stopping bf any time soon.
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    Default Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    you might be more comfortable if you keep that one pumping...
    if she is willing to take that serving of milk in a cup or bottle I would keep pumping.

    how many times are you pumping at work?

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    Default Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    My Mollie is 1 yo and is nursing like your baby, AM, PM, bedtime, a couple of times during the night. I stopped pumping at about 10 months and if my supply has dwindled, Mollie hasn't noticed. The only thing I HAVE become aware of is that on occasion, Mollie will nurse both breasts and insist on switching. I have wondered if she has exhausted the milk on the other side and is switching sides to get more. I don't know. She never fusses because she can't get anything and I can usually hand express even after she is finished. I think she might just be switching sides to get more comfortable or maybe she's after the thinner foremilk in the un-nursed breast. Maybe she is just being squirrelly - who knows.

    At any rate, you wanted to know what other mothers were doing. I have pump weaned and my supply hasn't suffered, neither has my nursing relationship with Mollie.
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    Default Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    I just quit pumping and my dd is 15 months. Try it, take your pump in case you are uncomfortable but if you feel OK maybe it's time you can quit pumping. DD nurses all the time.
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    Default Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    I pumped-weaned around a year as well. For me, I felt that pumping took time away from work that had to be made up elsewhere, giving me less time with Joe overall. So it was a good decision. It took me a while to wean off that one last pumping, physically and emotionally, but I'm glad I did. It did not cause any problems with supply - Joe happily nurses a lot in the evenings, nights, mornings, adn weekends, and my breasts always seem to be able to give him a nice snack, even during the days on the weekends, when you wouldn't expect me to have much milk.

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    Default Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    I pump weaned at a year. I was really glad to stop. My daughter is 22mos now and still nurses in the mornings, sometimes when I get home from work and before bed and sometimes she does "drive bys" when I'm at home. I would say that you could quit that last session, unless you have low supply issues. My daughter drinks cows milk when I am at work.
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    Default Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    I just pump weaned and dd is 13 mos. We nurse am, when I get home from work, bedtime and whenever she wants at the weekend. I had the same worry you have but my supply has been fine.
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    Default Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    Thank you for all you responses. After reading all your personal experiences and suggestions I feel confident and I am going to give pump weaning a try. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    Hi, I just wanted to let some of you young mothers know that I am here to answer questions about extended breast feeding. Ive breast fed 7 children, they weaned sometime between 1 yr old and 8 yrs old. I have tandem nursed and breastfed while pregnant. I am 51 yrs old and am still breast feeding my 6 yr old. I have lots of experience and would love to share info with you.

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