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Thread: Difficulty Pumping (letdown) After long hiatus -

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    Unhappy Difficulty Pumping (letdown) After long hiatus -

    I started my LO on solids last month, so I started pumping so I could use the breastmilk to mix in with his baby cereals. I hadn't pumped for about 4 months prior to that-- just nursed exclusively-- so, when I tried to pump again I coudln't get a letdown. Didn't matter if my breasts were full. I had to resort to trying to stimulate a letdown manually by tugging/pinching my nipples. It only worked half the time though, and sometimes I would find myself sitting there for almost 30 mins trying to get a letdown before I could actually pump out a substantial amount. The only other way I could get a letdown is if I nursed on one side and pumped the other; however it was a huge hassle b/c my baby would keep looking at the pump and not nurse, or get fussy/upset.

    Any ideas/suggestions on how to get a letdown with a pump, or train my body to get used to the pump again? I used to be able to pump the supply I needed for a feeding (or more) pretty easily in less than 10 mins.


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    Your body and breasts and brain sometimes are not on the same page when it comes to using a breastpump. you might get a successful pumping session if you try to pump first thing in the morning.
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    I used breast compressions, massage, and (sounds weird) shook my breasts to stimulate a letdown. The pump by itself doesn't always do the trick, but whatever works!

    That said, you don't actually need milk to add to cereals - in fact, these days, cereal isn't even considered necessary. You can go straight to other foods. Joe never liked being spoon-fed, so he got almost no cereal and went straight to soft finger foods like avocado. Or I sometimes mixed some cereal with soft carrots, sweet potato, etc.

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