DD came down with her first cold on Sunday and I managed to come down with a bug, too. Her main symptom is a runny/stuffy nose and we're using saline mist/nasal aspirator to help keep things clear. She is nursing a lot overnight but she's nursing for less time, so I suspect the nasal congestion is throwing off her feeding a bit. I'm not breathing too well and have a nasty cough (I feel like I'm coming down with bronchitis). I am not taking ANY medication since I know that decongestants can hurt supply, but since I have illness-induced asthma I must use my albuterol inhaler 4X/day to help me breathe.

I've noticed that yesterday and today so far I'm pumping less than I usually do - perhaps 0.5 ounce less per session. She is still going to daycare/I'm going to work because she doesn't have a fever and aside from the runny/stuffy nose is in her usual good spirits. I need to save my remaining PTO for the year for when she's really sick - since we made it through precisely one week of daycare before she came down with something, I expect to need to use that PTO between now and December 23rd.

I figure if I'm drinking tea to soothe my throat, I might as well have it be Mother's Milk tea. I'm having 2-3 cups of that per day. I'm also drinking plenty of water and I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day anyways. Fortunately I've been pumping a bit more than she needs at daycare since the middle of last week, so she has one full extra bottle there and I have about 6 ounces of extra milk in the fridge from Monday and Tuesday (plus a large freezer stash which so far I haven't touched).

Has anyone else noticed a drop in how much you pump when you're sick? Is there anything I can do about it or do I just need to wait until I feel better? I just hope it doesn't drop more, you know?