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Thread: Is there any benefit to the free style over the PISA

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    Default Is there any benefit to the free style over the PISA

    I have a PISA and am wondering if the free style is a better pump. I am going back to work full time and am debating buying a new pump. Any info would be appriciated.

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    Default Re: Is there any benefit to the free style over the PISA

    I have only ever used the Freestyle, but I love it. I also considered the PISA Metro Bag and am glad I chose the Freestyle.

    It's so small and I like that it runs on a battery charge. I only seem to need to charge it every few days, and that's pumping 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time (I do find that I pump more when the battery is at least half charged). In the bathroom where I pump at work the only electrical outlet is right next to the toilet. I sit on the other side of the room in a chair as far from the toilet as I can get, and I can just rest the pump on my lap or on the counter. No need for an extension cord! It would be a pain to always have to plug the pump in.

    I needed to swap out the standard horns for the next size up, but I think that would have been the case with the PISA as well.

    I don't use the hands free setup that comes with the pump. It seems overly-complicated to me, and I don't use the SoftFit shields anyways. I have a Simple Wishes pumping bustier and use that instead, or I'll just use the rubber band trick with my nursing bra if I'm really in a hurry. I really like pumping hands-free in general but you could do that with any pump, given a little ingenuity.

    I had a 25% off coupon at BRU that I used to buy the Freestyle. It brought the price down to around the same as the PISA Metro Bag.
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    Default Re: Is there any benefit to the free style over the PISA

    I used the PISA with DS1 and got a Freestyle with DS2. The store I bought the Freestyle from was accepting used Medela pumps and gave me a credit towards the purchase of a new pump.

    Pumping power seems similar.

    Freestyle - love the small size, light weight, battery power as default. I love not being tethered to a pump and can walk around as needed.

    Freestyle - don't like the "soft fit" shields, used my "hard" ones from the PISA
    - don't like the hands-free contraption that comes with the pump, instead used a pumping "bustier"
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