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Thread: Meeting other nursing moms

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    My daughter turns 3 in January and we only have 1 friend nursing a child this age. I want to avoid paying dues/fees on services like meetup.com, but I want to set up a local nursing group for nursing moms of children over the age of 2. Any suggestions? I could use some friends and some support from some like minded moms.


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    A bunch of moms from my LLL group when I lived in Georgia started a "peaceful parenting" group. They started a page in Yahoo groups, which I think is how new members were finding it. We did a monthly potluck and a weekly playgroup. I met so many nice mommies. Pretty much everyone in the group nursed toddlers, in addition to other AP friendly practices. Maybe something like that would work?

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    If there are any LLL or API meetings near you, those are good places to meet moms nursing toddlers.

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    Thank you all for helpful responses!
    I found the API website. It is a new avenue I have not yet explored, nor knew anything about. Thank you for sharing it with me. I will look and see what is happening in my area.

    Blessings to you all!

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