Hey, everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any tips for getting my daughter to take a bottle. She's 8 weeks right now, and while I'm a SAHM who plans to nurse her at the breast as much as possible, I'd really like the mental security of knowing she'd take a bottle if something happened and I couldn't nurse her.

So far, she refuses. We started trying occasionally around 6 weeks - just trying a bottle of expressed milk once every couple days to see what would happen. She doesn't seem to get it, though - she will just sit there with the bottle in her mouth and stare at me (or at her daddy if he's the one trying). She doesn't even try to suck on it. We've tried it before she gets really hungry, when she's really hungry, and giving it to her between breasts - no luck on any front. If she's really hungry she just cries (no sucking) and if she's not hungry she just stares. My husband said "It's like she just doesn't understand that there's food there."

We've tried a couple different bottle/nipple styles, and I've tried squeezing/jiggling the bottle nipple a little so a few drops of milk fall on her tongue, and we've tried wiggling the bottle nipple around in her mouth to try to get her to take it, and just nothing gets a response. Any ideas for getting her to try?