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Thread: "No food or drink after midnight?!?!?"

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    DS had surgery a month or so ago that required general anesthesia and he was allowed to nurse up to 2 hours before his surgery. Breastmilk is considered a clear liquid not milk in the terms of surgery. Talk to the dentist. Versed does NOT sedate you. It is like taking extra stregth Valium. I have had Versed several times. It makes you feel loopy and forget what has gone on but does NOT sedate you. Two of my boys have had it as well and they were wide awake while on it. They just looked and acted stoned. I didn't know how to explain it any other way.

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    A couple of thoughts. The "nothing after midnight" theory on anesthetics is largely debunked, actually. You'll find more information if you research re: no food for women in labor. The thing is, you can vomit up stomach fluids even if you have had no food at all, and aspirate that. And pure stomach acids are actually more harmful to you than dilute stomach acids. Many researchers believe that a small amount of food (you don't want to be vomiting a whole Thanksgiving dinner, for example) is perfectly fine with anesthesia.

    That said, I recently had Versed before outpatient surgery. I was told no food after midnight, but clear fluids were okay up to 7 am for an 11 am procedure. Milk would be a clear fluid.

    And for what it's worth, I had water at about 9 am, and lived to tell the tale.

    I personally would feel comfortable nursing in the night.
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    Ok, I'm posting based on my experience as a veterinary assistant, but our digestive structure is pretty darn similar to cats and dogs. We tell our clients no food for 8 hours pre-op and water is fine to have pretty much right up to surgery. We don't want to deal with them aspirating "chunks." HOWEVER, I have seen dogs that I KNOW have been fasted for 12+ hours (because I took their food out of the kennel at 7PM and surgery was at 8AM) puke post surgery. Everyone's speed of digestion is different and it is different with different foods. So, for me, personally, I would give it a solid 4 hours between last nursing and anesthesia. Because it's not about going down consistency, it's the consistency coming up (sorry that's totally gross), and we have all had the chunky/thick breastmilk spit up.
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