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Thread: 3 year old- suggestions?

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    I am in the same kind of position as you are PP. My LO will be 3 in a couple of weeks and still nurses at nap, bedtime, during the night and then the early morning too. I'm ready to gently wean but the key word is gentle and like you mentioned the LOs can cling harder if they aren't ready to give it up just yet. It's a line you have to walk with your LO and there aren't any cut and dry rules or magic that will speed it up though I'm sure you and I both wish that was the case! My LO is also still sleeping with us as well as not PL'd yet.

    It seems to me that all these transitions that we ask our LOs to do are really big ones and doing any one of them too fast or too close together may backfire. For us I think that we will work on them all at the same time but at a slow pace. That way it feels more organic rather than pushed. I'd like to say that first we'll PL then we'll wean then move him into his own bed b/c that's how I'd like it to be but I know DS2 will balk at all the obvious changes so I know that working on them all just a little bit at a time eases the transition into the new world order.

    I've also seen that when I stress about it he totally picks up on that and he clings harder. Then when I let go, he will surprise me and do the thing on his own.
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    The idea that the older toddler/ preschooler has a part in the weaning decision really hepls make the transition smoother. My son weaned on his 5th birthday. He picked the date. He was finally ready to close the chapter. He still misses nursing with his little sister (she turns 3 in December), but he has fond memories of 28 months 3 days of TN.

    If you can talk and walk through it with her it will make the end an easier end. It tends to be harder on the Mom who has nursed for so long, but we all manage to get through the end just like many struggled to get through the beginning.

    Enjoy the last moments.

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    Ha just kidding.

    Mine weaned a little past 3 all on his own. For him, he potty trained and weaned at the same time. When I had the baby he sort of associated nursing with baby. Then when he potty trained he just stopped nursing. Said he was a big boy now.

    It does happen, but if you have a lot of "big" things going on I would pick them one at a time.

    And congrats to making it to 3. That is a HUGE achievement.

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    DS #1 is 3 years 3 months and nurses only once a day before nap time . We got it down to once a day (a challenge since he constantly wanted to nurse after DS #2 was born in June), but I had no idea where to go from there because he would totally freak out every time I would try to suggest we not nurse one day or if I was in a hurry and couldn't (we would end up nursing later in the day because he would not let it go "Mama, remember we didn't nurse? So now I can nurse.")
    Then one day recently as I was carrying him home to put him down for a nap on my VERY short lunch break, I told him about "weaning" and that now he was weaning and we would do it slowly and we would start just by not nursing on Sundays because that's the day I'm in such a rush to get back to work anyway and DH puts him down for his nap. I thought he'd freak out like always, but he was totally fine. I realized the difference was this time, with this conversation, there was no hesitation or regret on my side! He was freaking out because he could tell I was freaking out. Once the hesitation was gone from my voice, he was OK with it too!
    Good luck!

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