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Thread: Overactive letdown - she's irritated in the evenings

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    Unhappy Overactive letdown - she's irritated in the evenings

    My 6 week old, during the day, handles my OALD like a champ. I have started block feeding to ensure she gets plenty of hindmilk and help regulate my supply.

    So far it seems to be working. Her diapers remain yellow (not green) and she gains an average of 8.5 oz per week, and my breast do not get engorged like they did.

    Our problem is in the evenings. For some reason she becomes irritated and I become frusterated. She does not handle the OALD so I pump through the first letdown. Even then she remains irritated, pushing the nipple out and quickly resucking, twisting, pulling, crying - causing sore nipples. It's as if she is upset that milk is coming out at all.

    Is it possible she is just trying to pasify? If so how else can I comfort her?

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    Default Re: Overactive letdown - she's irritated in the evenings

    Fussiness in the evenings is really, really common. There are even names for it- "evenings-only colic," "the witching hour(s)"... Here are some things that work when nursing doesn't:
    - Water. A warm bath can be really soothing.
    - Motion. Swing, sling, car, stroller, rocking chair, etc.
    - Outside time. With my second, taking her outside and walking her around shut down the fussing like we'd thrown a switch.
    - Swaddling.

    ETA: I know that evenings can be INCREDIBLY frustrating. You're giving it your all and all the baby does is scream. If you're at the edge of your sanity, remember that it's okay to put a baby down in a safe place, walk out, close the door, and come back in a few minutes when you're feeling more calm and collected.
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    Default Re: Overactive letdown - she's irritated in the evenings

    with everything Mommal said. Also wanted to add that most babies reach the peak of this evening fussiness around 6 to 8 weeks, then it gets better.

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    Default Re: Overactive letdown - she's irritated in the evenings

    same exact story here. from the first night he was born!
    serious oversupply here. I can pump 20+ ounces!! He is fine all day. And, writhing in tummy pain every single night!

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    Default Re: Overactive letdown - she's irritated in the evenings

    Similar problem here... blockfeeding did little to curb my supply, my let down reflex is still MEAN! Sometimes the "laid back nursing position" works well to calm her down and let her nurse - took us a bit of practice to get comfortable but now it's a life-saver!

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    Default Re: Overactive letdown - she's irritated in the evenings

    Maybe in the evenings you could offer a pacifier when it seems she wants to suck but is angry at the milk coming out.
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