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Thread: Tips on Returning to Work

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    Default Tips on Returning to Work

    I am thinking about returning to work. My little one nurses frequently night and day and doesn't like or take bottles.

    Should I encourage bottle feeding by his daycare? Or could he drink it from a cup or sippy? (he hasn't had a sippy cup so I am not sure how that would go and he is very messy when he drinks water from a glass)

    How many times will I need to pump?

    Any tips on how to deal with reverse cycling?

    Thanks Ladies!

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    Default Re: Tips on Returning to Work

    when are you returning to work? Your little one is about 11 months now? I don't think you need to give him bottles - i would see how he does with a sippy cup.

    At 11 months, he doesn't really NEED to be drinking milk while he's away from you. Personally, my plan is to switch to one bottle of ebm around 11 mos to a year - i do think he'll be more inclined to want to nurse more if he hasn't eaten as much milk during the day, so my hope is that i'll be able to stop pumping and maintain supply.

    I think most working Moms - but not all, i know some have pumped til 15 months or more - start to pump wean around a year. Nutritionally, i think babies this age only need to nurse 4-5 times a day to get enough milk. -- Not that they wont want more than that for other reasons (comfort, pacifying, etc) and that's obviously fine too.

    I don't know a ton about reverse cycling, but this link was offered to me yesterday to help me support the continuation of night time nursing. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/reverse-cycling.html. Kellymom has lots of good other info about nursing in general if you haven't checked it out yet.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Tips on Returning to Work

    Great job on the 11 months of nursing so far!!

    My 2 cents:

    I would not encourage bottle feeding at daycare, you can definitely go straight to trying a sippy cup. If he is thirsty/hungry he might go for it!
    If you are going to continue nursing then the fewer bottles the better because it can mess with latch etc.

    "How many times will I need to pump?"
    It's best (for milk output and avoiding any clogs) to pumping as often as your baby would be nursing. And the more often you can fit in, the more milk you'll get out, if that is a concern.

    "Any tips on how to deal with reverse cycling?"

    For me, my son went full steam ahead with reverse cycling and it helped a lot to get back to cosleeping every night (and mastering the art of nursing while laying comfortably enough to dose off yourself)


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    Default Re: Tips on Returning to Work

    with PP. Just one other thought - I pump weaned at a year and gave Joe cow's milk. I did this by slowly backing off the pumping. So you don't HAVE to pump unless you want to (make sure not to let yourself become painfully engorged of course). At a year, your supply is pretty stable and flexible. Now I nurse Joe all day on weekends and at night, never pump during the day, but somehow, I always have milk when he wants it. Boobs are awesome.

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