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Thread: second or third let down - still watery?

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    Default second or third let down - still watery?

    So when I have 2nd and 3rd let down, is it more foremilk or the hindmilk?
    Whenever I have another let down, it gets unmanageable again, so was wondering if was foremilk again.


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    Default Re: second or third let down - still watery?

    You don't really make foremilk and hindmilk. You just make milk. Referring to foremilk and hindmilk is just a convenient way to explain how the milk in your breast changes as the breast is emptied. At the beginning of a feeding/pumping session, the milk is watery and thirst quenching. That's foremilk. As the feeding progresses and the breast empties, the milk that comes out gradually becomes creamier. The creamier it is, the more "hindmilky" it is. So if you have 3 letdowns from one breast, the first will be the most watery and least creamy, the second will be creamier, and the third will be creamier yet. You won't all of a sudden make more foremilk from the same breast.

    However, if you switch breasts, you'll go through the same foremilk -> hindmilk transition.

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