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Thread: 3 month old eats for 2 minutes

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    Oh thats great...I just bookmarked it! I will go through it tommorrow when I am more bright eyed and bushy tailed I know what you mean about feeling like you are traumatizing your LO!! I was starting to think he didn't like me to touch him! I was so sad I really feel better already having this new information. It is amazing how knowledge makes us feel equipped and powerful and re-charged...even though really I don't even know that I am out of the clear yet...but I have a good feeling about this

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    Reading all of this takes me back We dealt with the same scenario as both you and Annie described at around the same time. Sorry you're going through this Kristin, but it will get better, I promise, especially if you follow Annie's advice. As usual, Annie gave fantastic advice and info. What would we do without her? I too, wish I would have found this site when I had tons of problems. I can't believe there are so many misinformed doctors and lactation consultants out there. No wonder so many women give up on breastfeeding. Kudos to everyone here for sticking it out and searching for solutions. You are wonderful mommies

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