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Thread: Please help: Advice needed regarding weaning

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    Default Please help: Advice needed regarding weaning

    I am currently nursing my healthy, happy 19 month old. The problem is that I am three months pregnant and suffering from hyperemisis. I had it all nine months during my last pregnancy (I lost 40 lbs. total). With being dehydrated and malnourished I cannot afford the fluid and calories necessary to keep nursing (I've lost 15 lbs. thus far).

    I am trying to wean gradually and kindly and have read everything that I've found on-line. She nurses 5-9 times per day with her being most attached to the long morning nursing (which I haven't tried to get rid of yet). I have done the "never offer, never refuse" for three weeks and gotten nowhere. I have also tried to shorten the nursing sessions, but the result was her first toddler temper tantrum. I've tried to take away one nursing session and distract (changed our routine, offering a snack and cup) and the result was her second toddler temper tantrum. She just doesn't seem ready, but I physically cannot continue and am feeling just awful (both nauseous and guilty!!!).

    I have contacted my local lll leader and gotten the same advice that I've read on-line, so I am asking if any of you tried anything different or have some personal experiences to share. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Please help: Advice needed regarding weaning

    I think it sounds like you are already doing this, but distract, distract, distract is the best advice I can offer... Perhaps you can get a big basket of new little toys or snacks and when your LO asks to nurse, bring out the basket and try to help her forget about nursing with a treat? Since it sounds like she is not ready to give up nursing, her temper tantrums can be expected... just do your best to give her love through her tantrum, maybe just sitting and hugging her and rocking her... you can also try taking her outside a lot, weather permitting, of course. I know my kids always seem to forget about nursing for a while when we are playing outside.
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    Default Re: Please help: Advice needed regarding weaning

    A friend of mine told me today that she weaned her 18 month old onto bottles of formula. I thought it was a bit weird - but maybe it would work for you? Or onto a bottle of cow's milk?

    Sorry you're going through this. I'm pregnant too and nursing, but didn't have severe morning sickness. I hope you don't have it the entire pregnancy this time.

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    Default Re: Please help: Advice needed regarding weaning

    How about making "milkies" a sleep thing. Addison did well with weaning when I was consistent and told her we could have milkies at sleep time. That's only twice a day..

    good luck.

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    Default Re: Please help: Advice needed regarding weaning

    Go out. All the time. Toddlers that are out ARE usually distracted to eat.

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