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Thread: Oversupply, going back to work, pumping?

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    Unhappy Oversupply, going back to work, pumping?

    I have been trying to deal w/ my oversupply for a while now. I thought it had gotten better after a week of block feedings...I went back to nursing 1 side per feed then the engorgement is back this week (nurses Every 2-3 hrs 1 breast). I don't know what to do. My DS has been having green mucousy BMs w/ blood for wks now. There has been slight improvement....I also cut out Dairy and other foods on the advice of my Peds. I'm not sure if the improvement was from Dairy or block feedings. Peds is now encouraging me to bring DS to specialist ASAP for the blood in stool. I pumped only once this week to leave DS w/ a sitter for a while. I'm wondering if this pumping session increased my supply or is it b/c I quit the block feedings? I am waking each morning engorged. Ds has had same sleep pattern for wks now. I wish my breasts would adjust.

    My main question is while at work how do i pump? Should i only pump one breast every 4-6 hrs? I am so frustrated.....Also.....my other delimma...I barely pump and the only milk I have frozen is before going DF. I don't think I can pump out enough milk before leaving in am to hold sitter for 12hrs? This is making me crazy....I can't stand seeing those bloody green stools.......Sorry for rambling. Please help.

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    Default Re: Oversupply, going back to work, pumping?

    This sounds like a distressing situation.

    Many mothers find that they need to continue the block feedings until their milk supply regulates itself, which can take up to a few months.

    It might be helpful to pump in the same pattern that you nurse and see if that works for you. It is important not to let yourself become engorged while at work, for the risk of plugged ducts and mastitis.

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