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Thread: hard times at 9 months

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    Hi there. We have been having issues lately with my 9 mo fussing a lot at the breast. She has done this off and on for a long time, but its become more of a pain lately. She has pretty bad reflux and has been on meds for it for a while. In the very beginning I think she was in a lot of pain when she ate, and I have OALD (under control now, I think). She has been very distracted for a long time now (I know this is the age), but nursing her is becoming like a wrestling match! She is in daycare part of the day where she takes 2-3 bottles, but I nurse her the rest of the time. My biggest problem currently is night time. We always nurse right before bed and she is very good at putting herself to sleep when I put her down if she hasn't already fallen asleep. But lately she has been fussing at the breast, turning away, crying, coming back in desperation, and so on (this happens from time to time with us- maybe just how she is?). I'm not really sure if it is a nuring issue, or if she just has to "let off steam" before falling asleep. Also, I've been trying to back off on the meds, but I'm wondering if the reflux is hurting her again? I really want to be med-free, but if she needs them she needs them. Mostly because the reflux has caused her to have excessive fluid in her ears and bad ear infections (seeing the ENT next week). I guess I am questioning whether it is the reflux/ears, not enough milk/too much milk, just her personality? Any insight?

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    Is it possible that you are not having a let-down and therefore she is getting frustrated? When I am stressed out my milk takes awhile to let-down and my daughter gets quite angry about it. Sorry if that doesn't help much, just trying to think of another angle. Good luck.

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