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Thread: Help with bottle-hater -- returning to work in 2 weeks

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    Default Help with bottle-hater -- returning to work in 2 weeks


    My four month old DS has been having practice half-days at a family daycare in my neighborhood. However, he is a bottle-hater. I had hoped that having the DCP try in the new setting would help, but no luck. It takes up to an hour to get an ounce down him and he fights the whole way.

    We've tried warm milk, cool milk, different bottles and nipples, different positions, different setting, dad trying, grandma trying, mom trying (I know not advised, but dad's gone most of the day and there is no one else to practice bottles with). He will drink a bit from a cup, but the DCP is not into that. She wants him drinking from a bottle.

    My commute is 45 minutes to an hour so I cannot come in on breaks or lunch. He will be in daycare 11 hours a day, four days a week. My DCP is not comfortable having him go that long on what she can get down him now.

    I'm starting to panic. I don't have much time to find alternate care that could take the time to cup or spoon feed him, nor could I afford such care (I work in a non-profit arts field). There are no daycares with openings near my work place, nor would I want to subject him to the daily commute (he's not a fan of carseats). I love my job and am in a field where positions are hard to come by, but am seriously considering quitting so that he won't starve.

    He's otherwise healthy and growing like a weed (born 30th percentile, in 75th percentile for height and weight as of 3 months!). It breaks my heart to hear him cry and see him struggle whenever he encounters a bottle. Help!

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    Default Re: Help with bottle-hater -- returning to work in 2 weeks

    It was very interesting to read your post. You are like my twin. It sounds exactly like me, I have the same commute, work for non-profit social serves in the arts, my little one also hates the bottle may take an 1oz a day, and have two weeks to figure it out.

    One of the things I am considering from what others have said, is co-sleeping at night even more than I do now. Our LO sleeps in a mini crib in our bedroom now, but from what I understand may cluster feed more at night, waking up more, may mean to lay in bed with me so I can rest. I have been also told that my LO may just eat a bit while away from me to hold over until we are together.

    Sorry your DCP is feeling comfortable! Would your employer be willing to work with you to have a bit of a shorter day? Maybe make up the hours working from home? Maybe that is not an option.

    Other things suggested to me, which I still have to try is Sippy cups and medicine droppers with breast milk.

    I really hope something works or at least your DCP becomes more comfortable in working with you and your LO. I don’t know if it this has helped. Please know you are not alone.

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    Default Re: Help with bottle-hater -- returning to work in 2 weeks

    The Nuby sippy cup is what worked for us. It has the soft nipple but doesn't try to mimic mom. I know it seems hopeless now, but your baby will eventually take a bottle if he's hungry enough. I'm sorry it's been so rough though.
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    Default Re: Help with bottle-hater -- returning to work in 2 weeks

    My son really hated bottles. Really hated them. We ended up trying several different kinds, and found that Breastflow kind of worked sometimes, and the Playtex drop-in nursers with Naturalatch nipple usually worked. Slowest flow nipples on both.

    Ultimately, they typically will resign themselves to eating from the bottle while in daycare. Even if they refuse to take a bottle when you're around (and most BF babies won't accept a bottle from mom at all).

    For the first few weeks when you're away from your LO while at work, it is definitely a challenge and an adjustment for both of you. I'd plan to send along some large medicine droppers for your DCP to dropper feed your baby if necessary.

    I sent in 1 oz per hour in daycare, but sent it in 2 oz bottles, so there'd be less waste if he wasn't into a bottle. Also, IMO, with fresh milk you can heat it and take up to an hour or so to feed it, so if LO isn't interested at 10 am, I'd tell DCP to try that bottle again maybe 45 minutes later and see what happens.

    Don't be surprised if your LO nurses more at night (reverse cycling) to get calories that he/she isn't getting during the day. My LO is still pretty skeptical of bottles, and takes the bare minimum to get by. He's at the 55th percentile for weight after 6 months in daycare, though, so he's still healthy and thriving despite issues with bottle refusal/reluctance.
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    Default Re: Help with bottle-hater -- returning to work in 2 weeks

    Has your care provider tried swaddling your little one while feeding? That really worked for my daughter, who was initially resistant to bottles. Now she doesn't need to be swaddled at all. Also, she has a lovey at daycare, which helps add comfort. Good luck! I know it's stressful.

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    Default Re: Help with bottle-hater -- returning to work in 2 weeks

    I've been back to work going on four weeks now and my daughter refuses the bottle as well. We've tried everything (different bottles, nipples, nuby cup) After the first day, during which she would not eat, the daycare gave her rice cereal mixed with my milk and she ate it. So she has started solids a little early and Pediatrician said it was fine. She just turned 5 months yesterday. The continually offer her the bottle. Every now and then she takes a few ounces coupled with a lot of fighting.

    She is doing what I have heard is called reverse-cycling. She nurses more when we're together and during the night, I guess to make up for what she misses during the day at daycare.

    We took her to the doctor Monday and she has gained weight. She's 14 pounds, so I'm content.--- JUST EXHAUSTED!!!

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